These doctors are prescribing wellness, but also building walkways

Walking is the best exercise – doctors swear by it. Walking regulates blood pressure and helps you stay fit; it keeps many illnesses at bay, too. However, a basic presumption is that one would need walkways for this form of exercise. In the absence of suitable walkways, it often becomes difficult and unsafe for an individual to go for walks. Take for instance, the Albuquerque residents; the city does not have enough walkways in some parts of the city. One of the residents complained that although physicians prescribe walking for a healthy lifestyle, yet many of them do not know where to go for a walk.

To solve this problem, The Community Health and Wellness and Presbyterian Healthcare Services are now building their own walking trails. Health Matters New Mexico is also part of the initiative, and the program has been CDC-funded. Earlier, the partnership had provided local products at a discount and the program was well received. Now, the plan to set up walking trails is all set to get more accolades.

Matt Cross-Guillen, who is the education coordinator of the program, will help with the logistics. He says that they have land at their disposal and they plan to take advantage of that. They will be making improvements on the land, and will also build a half-mile pathway around First Choice. The walking trail will be decorative and fun to walk on. Cross-Guillen said that the more attractive the pathway is, the more enthused people would be to run or walk on it.

It is indeed interesting that doctors and wellness care organizations are not only coming together to prescribe wellness for common residents, but are also ensuring that they have the necessary place where they can actually walk and jog. This is, indeed, an interesting and appreciative initiative. Do you agree?