Meet the amazing physician offering free healthcare on streets

Just as the dawn breaks, you can find this courageous doctor setting up her camp on a Colorado street. Her objective is grand: Provide free medical care to the people who cannot afford it. And it is not just medicines that Dr. Kathryn Boyd-Trull doles out, but also food so that her patients do not sleep hungry.

Dr Boyd-Trull and her group, Yahweh Health Care Clinic, are providing much needed medical care to a local community. Along with a stressful daily routine of her medical practice, she has chosen to walk the difficult path of social service. As doctors, we all know how challenging it can be to take out time for anything. Especially, when we have to put our own interests on the side to serve others. Dr Boyd-Trull’s day begins early morning and she attends 20 to 30 patients a day. After setting up camps in parking lots, she invites her patients to these free camps. She says about 50% patients do not have health coverage because many living in the community are undocumented.

Dr Boyd-Trull firmly believes that everyone in the community should have access to medical care, but her journey to serve people is definitely not without challenges. One big challenge is getting patients to come to the clinic, but she prefers not to talk about that. Rather, her focus is to see that nobody is deprived of treatment and medicine. She even picks locations where more homeless people live, such as Walmart in Commerce City. Many of her patients live in cars and run-down mobile homes. Free food helps her warm up to these patients, who are otherwise shy and sometimes scared to come to the clinic.

Her work is definitely an inspiration for the medical fraternity, and we salute the whole team for their effort. What do you think?