Given only 10% chance of survival, he is now a resident at the same hospital

A 22-year old student of Oakland University was shot on a summer night while returning from work. The bullet went through his diaphragm, stomach, and blood vessels. Kevin Morton was taken to a Detroit hospital, where he was treated by a trauma surgeon, Dr. Dharti Sheth-Zelmanski. Many had given up hope on Morton but he survived, thanks to his determination and the efforts of the doctors treating him. Five surgeries and spending almost two months in the hospital inspired the 22-year old to become a doctor and help others in similar situations.

Now, Morton will graduate in medicine from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and the doctor who treated him, nine years ago, will be participating in the ceremony. The young man has grand plans of specializing in surgery and hopes that one day he would be able to help others, like Dr. Dharti Sheth-Zelmanski had helped him.

Morton, now 31, says that he is so grateful to the doctor who saved his life that he wants to do the same to others who might face problems in life.  Dr. Sheth-Zelmanski, who is now in a different hospital, says that she was only doing her job. Rather, she feels that Morton has immense positive energy that helped him tide over the difficult surgeries. Obviously, Morton also has a lot of determination that helped him get through medical school.

Dr. Sheth-Zelmanski also remembers how he waved aside the thought that he might have to be on disability aid; rather he had a positive attitude throughout. His mentor doctor feels that he is a true inspiration.

Ever since he was a child, Morton wanted to be a doctor. However, he did not have any role model. He did not even meet doctors at any career fair. Morton took up biochemistry and had plans of working in the pharmaceutical industry; when this attempt on his life changed everything. Morton still remembers how he was closing restaurant in the late hours of the evening when he saw a figure approach him in the dark. Morton panicked and was trying to drive off when the man shot him.  Morton does not remember anything after that; and his father remembers how fervently he prayed the night he was shot.

Morton was so badly injured that he lost 50 per cent of the pancreas and large intestine and had to be on a liquid diet for a year. And it was during the long stay in the hospital, Morton made it a point to introduce himself to others in the healthcare industry. He also dwelt on how he would treat a patient who is facing a trauma; points that made him more determined to be a doctor. His father also encouraged him to be a doctor. Today Morton is not only a medicine professional, but has also married his long-term girlfriend. Dr. Sheth-Zelmanski was also present at the wedding. Morton introduced her as the woman who not only saved his life, but also gave a new direction to it!