We had our first child during the fourth year of my husband’s ophthalmology residency, and our second son joined us during the first year of a surgical retina fellowship. Juggling long hours, multiple medical commitments and the needs of two small children can be exhausting but every day is complete with fulfillment and laughter – and who can ask for anything more in life than that?

For many, the long hours of residency come hand-in-hand with a new challenge – becoming a parent. Does deciding whether to take the plunge leave you and your partner jittery? While having a family is a game changer, anyone who has done it will tell you that it is worth it. Having children is infinitely rewarding, fulfilling, busy, and as far as finding the “perfect time” goes – that just might be an impossible task.

For the medical parent, becoming a mother or father can offer new perspectives with patients, and the majority of programs now offer some degree of flexibility and understanding during birth time and late pregnancy. Both parents will also need to have time for themselves on occasion!

via Starting a Family in Residency – Physician Family Magazine.