Mysterious killing of doctors – is big pharma involved?

A spate of mysterious deaths and disappearances of US doctors has taken the alternative medicine community by storm. Many holistic practitioners have either disappeared or apparently committed suicide. Whatever be the case, the incidents that started in the summer of 2015 have left the community in a state of shock. Fingers are being pointed at the big pharmaceutical companies, who many believe are punishing these doctors for carrying on a crusade against vaccinations, which some believe cause cancer and autism.

In June 2015, a holistic practitioner left home with the intention of meeting his wife; he disappeared. After a few days, his body was discovered in a pool. This was followed by the mysterious deaths of two chiropractors, one aged 67 and another 33. Then there was a case of the doctor who had apparently left home after a tiff with his wife; never to come back again. Later, another Florida practitioner was bludgeoned to death in her own home.

In a separate case in Germany, in September 2015, around 29 naturopathic practitioners attending a conference in Hamburg suddenly developed symptoms of food poisoning. Initial reports indicated that the naturopaths might have voluntarily taken a drug as part of an experiment. However, it later became apparent that none of the doctors had taken anything willingly. Questions were raised: was it a deliberate ploy to harm the doctors?

Continuing string of mysterious deaths has left practicing naturopaths looking for answers. All kinds of theories are floating around, but an opinion gaining ground is that these doctors got into trouble after making the discovery that during vaccination, Negalese is injected into human body. Nagalese is an enzyme secreted by cancerous cells that impacts the immune system, and it inhibits production of GcMaf, which is a protein that body makes to remove diseases like cancer.

So far, investigations have not revealed anything, and there are more questions than answers. Whatever be the reason, these mysterious deaths and disappearances are definitely unfortunate.

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