Doctors vote for their favorite vacation spots – here are top 10


Who doesn’t need a vacation? After months of stressful work, all you want to do is relax and unwind somewhere away from your daily routine. But, with extremely busy lifestyles, planning a vacation can mean even more stress for doctors. So, we thought of making vacation planning a little easier for you. Doctors Patch conducted a survey of its physician community, and here are our community’s 10 favorite vacation spots (not listed in any particular order):

1: Sequoia National Park, Three Rivers, California


Sequoia has a vivid landscape with huge mountains, deep canyons and rugged foothills. If that’s not enough, it has some of the world’s tallest trees with heights reaching 350 ft. A drive to the Sequoia National Park from Los Angeles or San Francisco takes around 4 hours. There are various accommodations around the park that include rustic lodges and rent-able cabins, along with numerous restaurants and eateries in and around the park (some even prepare boxed lunches). Do remember to fill up your gas tank before driving to the park. It is most recommended for physicians who want to relieve stress, and are looking for a peaceful vacation.

2: The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia


The dwarfing Greenbrier is located in West Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains and is set on 11,000 wooden acres. It is a great destination for physicians who want to spend some quality time with their family. The resort was first opened in 1778 and has been a favorite destination for celebrities from General Robert E. Lee to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. It is a huge resort, comprising of more than 700 rooms. You will also find a casino here, and there are various activities to choose from, including horse riding, hiking, fishing, golf, paintball, hunting, and kayaking.

3: Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Namibia


Skeleton Coast, located in Namibia, was created out of lava rock around 130 million years ago. One of the best accommodations at the Skeleton Coast is the Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp that is situated on the banks of Hoanib river, and is one of Africa’s most extraordinary wildlife-viewing regions. Opened in 2015, Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is a fly-in oasis. The cost of the camp starts from $500, and there are eight luxury safari tents, big decks, and twin-bed interiors.

4: Bali, Indonesia


Bali is best known for dreamy beaches and romantic getaways, and it is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Also known as the Island of Gods, Bali has a lot to offer from relaxing on the black sand beaches to doing world class surfing and diving. You can also explore nearly 10,000 temples in and around Bali, and explore the Island’s jungle that is famous for its volcanoes.

5: Wilmington, North Carolina


Looking for a low cost destination? Head to Wilmington, North Carolina. Named by USA Today as America’s Best Riverfront, Wilmington is a lovely port city. It is famous for over 230 blocks of landmark churches, classic architecture, moss-draped oaks, brick-lined streets, and colonial homes. Wilmington is also surrounded by three island beaches and is famous for various cultural events, such as jazz, chocolate, and wine festival. There are various places you can explore in and around Wilmington, such as state aquarium, art galleries, and a variety of museums.

6: Mexico Beach, Florida


If you are looking to relax and recuperate in the gulf coast, then you must head to Mexico Beach, Florida. It is a popular tourist hub and is famous for fishing, scuba diving, bird watching, boating, and white sand beaches. You can also plan day trips to view some of the finest tidal marshes, springs and savannas that are home to their own unique forms of wildlife.

7: Mantua, Italy


Mantua has been chosen as Italian culture capital in 2016. Mantua or Mantova as it is referred in Italian, was ruled by Gonzaga family for centuries, and is famous for its luxurious palaces, religious remnants, and extravagantly decorated churches. Lying midway between Venice and Milan, and a short distance from Verona, this ancient city and UNESCO World Heritage site proves to be a perfect destination for tourists to relax. Also referred to as a sleeping beauty city, Mantua is famous for its impressive skyline that includes castles, domes, and towers. The Palazzo Ducale di Mantova also known as Ducal Palace is in the heart of Mantua. The palace is around 35,000 square meters and comprises of 500 rooms – a city in itself.

8: Bordeaux, France


If you are looking to pull yourself away from Paris, then it’s worth exploring Bordeaux that is situated in the southwest region of France. You can easily take a ride in a high-speed TGV train to reach Bordeaux. This town is famous for 9,000 vineyards that are situated to the east where you can find your favorite wine labels. You can climb the eerie Dune du Pyla before heading into Arcachon for delectable local oysters. The town has some fantastic bars and restaurants offering a variety of wine and dine options from prominent chefs, such as Joël Rubuchon and Gordon Ramsay.

9: Shanghai, China


Shanghai, also known as Hu, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. It is perfect for families looking to take a break from their busy life. Situated on the bay of Yangtze river, the city serves as the most influential economic, financial, international trade, cultural, science and technology center in East China. Nanjing Road, a major attraction, is considered the No. 1 commercial street in China, visited by some 1.7 million people each day. Yuyuan Garden is another big attraction – it is the largest of the Shanghai’s ancient gardens with Ming and Qing architectural styles. Shanghai is also famous for some world class museums including Shanghai Museum and China Art Museum. And, don’t forget the temples – some of the most popular include City God Temple and Jade Buddha temple, which is the most famous Buddhist shrine in the city.

10: Crete, Greece


Crete, Greece’s largest island, is famous for its diverse landscape ranging from fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains. According to Greek mythology, Mt. Ida, the tallest range, is home to the Ideon Cave, which was the birthplace of Zeus. Heraklion, the capital city of Crete is known for Palace of Knossos, a maze-like hilltop ruin, and renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Crete’s climate is mild, which means tourists can enjoy perfect winter and spring breaks. If you want to enjoy the sun, then soak yourself along the island’s sandy coasts. You can also visit the Samaria Gorge National Park that stretches for about 10 miles through southern Chania Prefecture’s White Mountains.

What are your favorite vacation destinations, and do you have any tips for stress-free vacation planning? We would love to hear. Please share in the comments below.