Here are the best and worst states for doctors to work in 2016

Is your state favorable to your practice? While most doctors don’t have an option to move to another state, it is good to know how your state ranks. WalletHub analysts compared all 50 states and DC on 11 different criteria to come up with the ranking of the best and worst states for doctors to practice. The results might be surprising for some as Mississippi, Iowa and Minnesota take the top three spots, while New York and DC sit right at the bottom.

For Cost of Living-Adjusted Mean Annual Wage for Physicians, Mississippi had the highest wage, while District of Columbia had the lowest. Mississippi also had the lowest competition for physicians, while DC, Rhode Island and Vermont tied for the highest competition. Another relevant criteria analyzed by WalletHub was the Cost of Malpractice Liability Insurance – Wisconsin offered the least expensive insurance, while New York had the highest cost.

See below for full results – courtesy WalletHub.