Few weeks ago, she couldn’t use her hands – and now? A medical miracle!


Nothing gives more satisfaction to a doctor than seeing a patient recover. On top of it, when that patient is young and chances of a quick recovery are grim, the doctor’s joy goes beyond measure. Recently in Kansas, 15-year old Autumn Nelson underwent surgery for Dystonia. Her remarkable recovery has left the medical fraternity completely surprised. The muscular spasms and the terrible shaking she had in her left hand two months ago are now completely gone. The one thing that Autumn is most excited about is that she can now get a manicure!

In a case like Autumn’s, recovery normally takes anywhere between 6 to 24 months. But, Autumn’s recovery has happened in record time. An implant was placed in her body that leads to electrodes in her brain. The reason behind the quick recovery might be attributed to wonders of modern medicine, or her young age. Still, it is nothing short of a miracle when you compare it to expected recovery time.

Autumn’s doctor, Brian Aalbers, said that he was thrilled to see such a quick recovery. He is happy because he could bring about a meaningful change to the life of a young girl, and that, perhaps is the greatest joy a doctor could experience. In the video, you can see that before the surgery, simple tasks like – holding a cup and drinking, lifting her stiff arm to wash her face, or moving her hand to draw – felt almost impossible. After her miraculous recovery, she is able to do all of these, and much more, with perfect ease.

Life has definitely become a lot easier for Autumn. She has seen such rapid improvement that she is now planning to apply for a driving permit. She also wants to be a cosmetologist or a veterinarian, a career that requires a person to have steady hands.

Autumn’s story is definitely inspiring; and the doctor who treated her deserves a big round of applause. What do you think? Please share your experiences of patient’s quick recovery.