Doctors Share Memories of Muhammad Ali’s Final Days

Mohammad Ali was not only a great boxer who was magnificent inside the ring, but also a great man who touched many hearts outside as well. Ali’s physicians walk down the memory lane and share tidbits about the legendary sports hero. The director of Barrow Neurological Institute, Dr. Robert Spetzler, says that he was very much involved with the institute, and was exceptional both inside and outside the ring. He fought Parkinson’s disease and bigotry with equal fortitude, and it was his big-heartedness that made it possible for individuals to get a lot of care and love in the Barrow institute.

The director of Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, Dr. Holly Shill, said that he first met him around 17 years ago. The center had just opened and the renowned boxer was invited for an event. When Dr. Shill extended his hand for a handshake, Ali pulled his hand and gave him a hug that he would never, ever forget. Even after 10 years of Parkinson’s disease, the man was very strong and that is what impressed Dr. Shill. Another thing that touched Dr. Shill was the magic tricks that he showed a group of children that had gathered that day at the center. That showed the softer side of the legendary boxer.

The former personal physician of Ali, Dr. Abraham Lieberman, said that he last met him on the day he died. Although, a large group of family members and doctors were taking care of him but he was merely a shadow of his former self. Dr. Lieberman says that the man had a magnificent heart.